nuri rashid

Nuri was born and raised in Florence, Italy.
He started traveling a lot at a young age and soon discovered his passion for photography. Nuri is self taught. He then deepened his knowledge and techniques while formally studying photography for several years.
As he experienced the evolution from analog to digital photography, he is skilled in both and continues to use both mediums in his professional and private work.
Although he was passionate about photography, Nuri decided not to immediately jump into the industry. He studied fashion design and worked for over a decade as menswear designer. Nuri worked in both New York and Switzerland for well known and respected brands in the fashion industry.
During these years he never neglected photography, but kept shooting for fashion brands and personal projects.
Nuri’s work can be described as clean and well composed.
He is currently an independent photographer and works on commission for various clients. His work includes photojournalism, fashion and still life. He continues to travel a lot and shares most of his time between Florence, Paris and Switzerland.